An Undercover Redneck Action Comedy

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The creators of Animal Warriors of The Kingdom and Dusk, bring you their latest creation, GRITTS.

The latest threat to America is a militant group of patriots stockpiling weapons in the mountains of Virginia.

Dedicated to the ideals of the past and fed up with the current government these crazy S-O-Bs have a plan to restore their country to its former glory, using bullets.

One man, former chopper jockey, Bryce East, has a plan to save America from a Redneck Regime, but he'll have to do it from inside their ragtag organization of crooks, criminals and overly enthusiastic gun enthusiasts.

A redneck Miami Vice.
— A Famous Celebrity

GRITTS wis available as a one-shot over-sized issue from artist Jason Bienvenu and writer Brandon Gary.

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