The Animal Warriors of The Kingdom takes place in a world where animals have evolved in the absence of humanity. The land is filled with animals of all shapes and sizes; some that fight for good and others that fight for darkness. 


PALE: Albino Chimpanzee -The young albino ape king sports his trademark Mohawk and red armor. His ability to absorb his fallen enemies powers comes at a great cost as their ghosts become attached to him and slowly drive him mad! He is also able to take a Spectral form in order to hide, sneak past and even taught enemies.

BARON KAH LEE: Chimpanzee - The tyrannical ruler over all of the Ape Kingdom. This devious villain rules with an iron paw and will stop at nothing to secure his place at the throne, including eliminating the rightful ruler. Pale, the young ape king!

GENERAL THANEDER "THANE" RUHDAROUS: Gorilla - Once one of Baron Kah Lee's most decorated and respected generals, now one of his greatest adversaries. Thane rebelled against the Baron to fight for the honorable forces of Chuh Nar. His strength and wisdom lead the Chunari army to several decisive victories against the Barons Horrid Forces. Fiercely loyal to his adoptive son, Pale, Thane and Mala Ruhdarous would do anything to protect Pale from the villainous Kah Lee.

ATREIU: Lion - This traveling hero roams from town to town fighting for honor and revenge. His people were among the first to be displaced and enslaved by the Baron’s reign.

GREYZER: Puma - Ally and former Master of Atreiu. Once a prisoner in the dungeons of the evil ruler, Greyzer now accompanies Atreiu on his journeys to free animal kind from the clutches of Baron Kah Lee. Trained in the ancient ways of his tribe, Greyzer is educated in war and has seen many battles. He is also capable of harnessing the power of mystical forces from an unnatural realm.

CHUNARIAN SOLDIERS: Chimpanzee -These heroic soldiers make up the backbone of the Chunarian army and guard the walls of the sanctuary jungle city of Chuh-Nar from enemies of every kind. 

ARCHERS: Leaf Monkey - These bowmen are a fiercely loyal group of highly trained soldiers tasked with defending the sanctuary city of Chuh Nar, hidden deep in the jungles surrounding the ape kingdom.

CHUNARI ULTRA: Gorilla - Battle harden beast that are a great equalize against the overwhelming forces of the Horrid! Practically a walking tank these soldiers not only raise moral of the other troops they often turn the tide and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

THE HORRID: Vile Horrid are a legion of vicious apes that consume and destroy anyone and anything that Kah Lee’s sets his sights on. Numerous and eager to do the bidding of their master,they are no more than another tool in the Baron’s vast arsenal.  

CAPTAIN BRUTUS & THE HORRID KNIGHTS: Mandrill - Feral Mandrill soldiers meant to overwhelm and decimate rival armies; what they lack in fighting skill they make up for with sheer numbers and unhinged savagery! The Horrid Knights are the backbone of the Horrid armies, these vicious mandrills live for battle and are eager to destroy and consume anything in their paths. 

THE HORRID ASSASSINS: Chimpanzee - Only slightly less vile than the mandrills these chimps are deadly with a bow but can wield a blade when in a bind. These apes rain hate down on opposing armies as the city gates give way to the steady push of the Horrid!

HORRID ELITE: The most skilled and brutal of the Horrid legions, these troops function as commanders and in some cases bodyguards for high ranking officers of the Horrid including Kah Lee himself.

HORRID BERSERKER: Rabid Gorilla - These monstrous beasts rip and tear their way through the battlefields with such a wild blood-lust and rage that even other Horrid units steer clear of them! Rabid Gorillas, fitted with thick iron armor and a heavy battle-axe, the Horrid Berserker is among the most dangerous and unpredictable elements on the battlefield.

CRUELOR: Panther - This warlord is the closest thing to a rival that Baron Kah-Lee has. His armed forces have carved out a territory that the Horrid have not been able to break, but rest assured, the Baron has not forgotten about this troublesome feline and plans to deal with him soon enough! 

GRIMLEY: Wolf - Wolves are known for hunting in packs and Grimley and his thugs are no exception. Cunning and skilled fighters; one would be wise to avoid any confrontation with him and his pack.

BOONE: Lemur -  The baddest "big game hunter" for hire. A scavenger and weapons maker, this lemur prides himself on hunting down the most dangerous fugitives throughout the land. He's never failed to catch his prey and those who know him best would say, "To Boone, Dead or Alive...means Dead."

SCRAPS: Raccoon - Part of Boone’s scavenger crew. Let's just say that a rough past makes for a ruthless mercenary. He's good in a fight and you want him on your side, but his loyalties lay with those who can offer the most so you better be willing to pay if you want the best.

JUNIPER: Fox - Once a thief and a renowned smuggler, Juniper changed his fate becoming a skilled fighter and former Knight of the Foxhound Clan. He was trained and disciplined in the clan's combat arts and humble ways. To this day, his cunning, wits, agility, and stealth make him a formidable foe for any who would dare cross him.